Fårö, Sweden, 29 July–5 August 2018


Sunday 29 July: Arrival and Registration


Monday 30 July

Session 1: Theorising Empathy and Otherness

Welcome and introductions (Eneken Laanes, Hanna Meretoja and Anna Reading)

Anna Reading: Moving Hearts: On Making, Telling, Hearing and Walking Stories of Migranthood

Hanna Meretoja: Engaging with the Other: Empathy and Perspective-Taking

Colin Davis: Encountering the Other (Without Empathy)


Session 2: Philosophy and Empathy

Matt Phillips: Empathy in Curves and Spirals: Roland Barthes, Bertolt Brecht, and S/Z

Katherine Mitchell: Navigating Identity Fragility: Dislocated Identification

Anahit Poturyan: Virtual Reality and Philosophical Approaches to Empathy


Tuesday 31 July

Session 3: Empathy and the novel

Suvi Lahtonen: Romance as an aesthetic mode in Finnish war fiction: self-empathy in historical fiction in Laila Hietamies’ (Hirvisaari) Snows of Oblivion and Jörn Donner’s Angela’s War

Fahimeh Qasemnezhad: Empathic Unsettlement and the Secondary Witness in Pat Barker’s Another World

Nanny Jolma: Grotesque features and their ambiguous meanings in Bo Carpelan´s novel Benjamins bok

Su (Sophie) Yu-wen Estranging Emotions: Jane’s Reasoning Forgiveness in Jane Eyre


Session 4: Testimonies and Biographies

Maarit Leskelä-Kärki: Biography and Empathy

Jung Eun Seo: My Pain Residing in Other’s Body: Testimony, Narrative Empathy, and the Construction of Social Suffering

Sophie Kelly: Weaving Fictions, Threading Truths: Biographical Fiction between Borders


Wednesday 1 August

Session 5: Engaging with the Other in Film Narratives

Kimi Kärki: Imagine the Talking Machines: Emotional ‘other’ in AI Voices of Visionary Science Fiction Films

Marta Cenedese: The Failures of Film: Reimagining Irène Némirovsky’s Suite française

Niina Oisalo: When the Others Strike Back: Palimpsestic Memory and Tricksters in Documentary Storytelling in El escarabajo de oro, or Victorias Hamnd


Session 6: Imagining the Other Across Media

Aura Nikkilä and Anna Vuorinne: Visualising Others’ Stories. Creating Empathy through Graphic Storytelling in Hanneriina Moisseinen’s The Isthmus

Per Roar: “Performing Time: Remembering the Other, Choreographing Empathy”

Eneken Laanes: Empathy in Kristina Norman’s video art


Thursday 2 August: The Excursion Day


Friday 3 August

Session 7: Holocaust and Perpetrator Fiction

Unni Langås: Encounters with the Other: Narrative Empathy in John Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Helena Duffy: Can a Nazi be a ‘Postmodern Nihilist’? Narrative Empathy in Jonathan Littell’s Les Bienveillantes Revisited


Session 8: Molly Andrews: Keynote (TBA)


Saturday 4 July

Session 9: Narrative as a Method: Engaging with vulnerability and violence

Rebecca Rosenberg: Imagining the Mentally Ill Other in Emma Santos, Linda Lê, and Chloé Delaume.

Kerttu Lehto: Studying the collective memories and recreating them in an elderly house, by using storytelling and larp as methods

Laura Mishelle Muñoz González: Aesthetics and memory narratives, reflexivity as researcher in Mexico

Aura Lounasmaa: Creating the other through victim narratives in women’s advocacy


Session 10: The Ethics and Politics of Empathy and Compassion

Silvia Pierosara: Empathy vs. compassion? Towards an ethics of reflecting vulnerability

Anna Lindhé: Narrative Empathy and the Creation of the Other: Towards a New Ethics of Reading Literature

Sonjeong Cho: “Emphatic Feminism and the Politics of “Beside””

Andreea Ritivoi: Power and Pity: The Historical and Political Roots of the Narrative of Refugee Assistance


5 August: Departure

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